Is the Film Connection Scam Legitimate?

Think about it this way you are a film student and you are searching for film schools and you often find yourself amazed by the college tuition fees, then here comes company saying that they can give you with the same quality of film training at a cost that is way cheaper. Would you think it was a Film Connection scam - that it was too excellent to be true?

The Film Connection just happens to be part of that predicament. Film Connection is a fully-accredited institution but it is their course load that often causes someone to consider them being a rip-off or not.

However, there is actually a very sensible explanation why The Film Connection can charge this small and make these claims about their program. The cost is not affected by the quality of their service but rather by the technique the company uses in order to deliver their services.

Film Connection understood the importance of filmmaking and has come to terms with the reality that in order to master the tricks of the trade one has to experience it first hand. Over the centuries, both artists and artisans have learned their crafts not through conventional education, but by means of mentorship and apprenticeship - by consistent hands-on experience beneath the tutelage of a professional who took the apprentice under his/her wing. The Film Connection utilized the mentor-apprentice arrangement as basis for their course load. Instead of using the classic classroom set-up, Film Connection exposes the pupils to the real world and enables them to learn based on experience. As you can imagine, this greatly decreases the cost of the training, all the while helping students learn filmmaking in the best way possible: by really doing it.

It appears too great to be true, simply because it is a totally different strategy than contending schools are utilizing. Nevertheless, labeling an education approach that has been tested and proven through time a Film Connection scam might not be easy.

If there is a need for evidence that the set-up applied by Film Connection does work then there is no need to worry because a good number of students turned out to be prosperous after becoming a part of the program. According to one student, a week after joining the program he or she was already attaining a lot of knowledge by working on a well-liked music video. It had been my first chance with the program and the week following that I was doing work on a Roger Corman movie which had a budget of about $200,000, and when that film was over, I was the second assistant director."

There is only one explanation why the mentor-apprentice arrangement has been applied for centuries and that is the fact that it really works. If The Film Connection utilizes this approach so efficiently for a fraction of the cost of other film schools, is it really too great to be real? Can it be a Film Connection scam? Well, that isn't simple to consider such notion.